LEED Rating System

The LEED rating system for construction projects is based on a checklist specifically designed for the type of project (commercial building, renovation, control and maintenance, neighborhood design, home construction) being rated. For every checklist item on which a project qualifies, it receives at least one point, for a maximum total of 110 points (100 standard LEED points plus 10 possible bonus points). To receive a certificate, a project must receive a score of at least 40 points. However, several higher ratings are available depending on the number of points scored:

40–49 points: LEED Certificate
50–59 points: Silver Certificate
60–79 points: Gold Certificate
80–110 points: Platinum Certificate

The criteria for these ratings were developed by a consensus of experts in the building and development field. They reflect current knowledge of best practices in green construction and are evolving over time as practices change, new technologies evolve, and environmental needs are better understood.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014


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